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Meet the herd.



 Nigel loves exploring.  He was born to Delilah.  This cool dude sports a killer goatee and is never far from his mom, Delilah's, loving protection!


Delilah is the sweet, gentle mother of Nigel and Matilda.  She's a loving mom and always their for her kids!  Once she gets to know you, you'll be her best friend!  .... and a couple treats never hurts either!

Name TBD

This little guy is Delilah's newest baby born in Feb 2024! He has yet to be named but is super sweet and active. He loves climbing and jumping around. 



Kevin is the goofy, free-willed brother of Pablo and equally as loveable...just a little more mischievous (and hungry!).  Kevin is ready to take on the world, one gobble of goat treats at a time!


Our sweet boy Pablo is always up for a cuddle!  Him and his brother, Kevin, are two peas in a pod!  Don't be surprised if the two tag-team you to steal all the treats though!

Copy of PXL_20220306_151423902_edited.jpg


Although Valentino is one of our youngest goats, he is also our  largest kid due to being 1/8 Nubian (a larger breed).  Valentino is our goofy little trouble maker, so don't be surprised if he finds his way onto your back when you least expect it!


Matilda is the daughter of Delilah and little sister to Nigel!  Her beautiful and unique coloring matches her personality. She loves to play , climb, run, and jump on everything  and can often be found hamming it up with her best bud Valentino! 


Our first born on the Little Yogi farm!  Stormi is one of our friendliest and smallest kid! Did we mention he's absolutely adorable?! He loves exploring and daydreaming and is sure to melt your heart!

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